Between a rock and a kayran tentacle – Witcher 2

All the glee and excitement of playing a game, like the Witcher 2, that is harder than most modern games is starting to wear off. Trying to defeat the kayran is driving me to die and die again. The worst of it is that I’m sure I know how to beat the kayran, I just haven’t managed to do it – yet.

witcher 2 kayran

After my last post about the Endrega Contract and beating the Endrega Queens, I’ve done a few side quests but so far I’ve been stonewalled by the Kayran. Which in turn means I haven’t played much.

The Kayran is a river monster blocking the port of the river town Flotsam. You are required to clear the Kayran monster so that the town of Flotsam can start trading again.

Fighting the Kayran

Once you get down to the river swampland area. Síle sets about summoning the Kayran to the shore for Geralt to fight. Once the Kayran appears out of the water one tentacle at a time the fight begins.

Avoiding the tentacles of the Kayran is a very prudent thing to do, considering that one smack of that tentacle can be enough to kill Geralt.

Meanwhile up on the cliffs, out of harms way, Síle shouts for you to trap it with the Yrden. The Yrden sign is basically a magical trap that immobilises enemies wherever it is placed. Once triggered the enemy is trapped for a certain amount of time.

The strategy of fighting the Kayran

With the knowledge that you can use the Yrden sign, dodging around out of the way of tentacles trying to smash you reveals that the tentacles have large joint like clumps. These clumps look rather magical and artificial. Thus the strategy of fighting the Kayran develops.

Drop a Yrden sign at the location where that tentacle joint will hit the ground. Once the tentacle joint hits the Yrden sign on the ground the tentacle will basically be glued to the ground. Use the opportunity to attack the tentacle joint until it is severed.

You need to repeat the above with 3 Kayran tentacles. There lies my problem. By the time I get to the last tentacle I have very little HP left and I end up dying.

I will continue trying to defeat the Kayran though.

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