The Endrega Contract – The Witcher 2

While on my Witcher 2 backlog playthough I had a delay trying to get past one of the side quests called the Endrega Contract. The problem was that I kept on dying and dying. I saw some suggestions of buying 10 traps and laying them all in the path of the Endrega Queen but I wanted to kill the queen without resorting to using traps. This is just a little description of what I did. I have also embedded a youtube video below the fold.

The Endrega Contract requires you to kill the 2 Endrega Queens in the forest around the town of flotsam.

Firstly, you need to make sure that all the other endregas (the normal endrega, the endrega guard and the endrega warrior) are dead. This so that they can’t sneak up on you while you are fighting the Endrega Queen. They can create some serious havoc if they join in on your fight with the Endrega Queen.

Once you are happy that no other endregas will surprise you. Go ahead and destroy the endrega cocoons.

Destroying the endrega cocoon for the endrega contract

Destroying the endrega cocoon

The Endrega Queen should appear.

Endrega Queen appears for the endrega contract

Endrega Queen appears

You need to keep away from her front claws at all times. Those things can kill you. What I did instead of using traps was to use the Witchers very own Yrden sign. The Yrden sign stops the creature in its tracks.

using yrden sign

using yrden sign

While the endrega queen is stationary dodge around her and swing your witchers silver sword at her back. It would be a good idea to use the strong attack even. Also, while you are dodging, make sure that you leave yourself space to dodge to. Don’t work yourself into a corner where the endrega queen can easily kill you.

You need to have patience and just keep repeating the Yrden sign usage and dodging around the endrega queen until you defeat her.

Dead Endrega Queen

Dead Endrega Queen – Endrega Contract Completed

Once you defeat both endrega queens, you will have successfully completed the endrega contract. You can head back to the town of flotsam to collect your reward for the endrega contract from Louis Merse.


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