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Game Backlog: The Witcher 2

Under a never ending deluge of game sales, lack of time and too many games there are quite a few games that have fallen by the wayside. This an attempt to play those games. The Witcher 2 is one of those games that got bought but never fully played.

A lot of praise has been heaped onto The Witcher 2, with good reason I think. CD Projekt Red crafted this game like a labour of love. Their stance on not wasting time trying to develop any form of unworkable DRM is also commendable. Thus I start my play through, hopefully I get further than the prologue this time and scratch a game off my backlog list.

The Witcher 2: Prologue

If your usual play style is to just rush in sword swinging then I’m afraid that you have to prepare to die, a lot. In The Witcher 2 you are not some god warrior, a few hits from your opponents and you can very quickly die. This is especially valid if they gang up on you. You will have to dodge around and maybe even throw a bomb or two. Use everything that you can when you fight.

There are maybe two situations where you might end up dying a few times. One of them you can talk your way out of that depends entirely on how you want to play the game.

Thankfully there were not too many quick time events (QTE’s). Just one in fact, but it was enough to annoy me. Maybe I’m just slow, the QTE way of playing take you out of the driving seat and forces you to play the way someone wanted you to play. Why can I just fight the guy like I’ve fought everyone else so far?

At the moment loot seems rather pointless. You end up collecting a whole bunch of leather, cloth and timber. Yet I still feel the compulsive urge to check everywhere for loot.

In the beginning, I just don’t get the feeling that I’m a Witcher. I’m more like a fancy titled bodyguard to King Foltest. That feeling changes once I get to kill some beasts with my Silver Witchers Sword.

So far I must say I like the combat in this game. It is a change from being able to steam-roll everything by just continuously swinging your almighty sword. Getting through certain points of the Witcher 2 leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment.

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